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Worldwidereview is the number one site for art and culture reviews in the world. We have a mix of open submissions and regular reviewers, with no restriction on subject, though with a focus on contemporary art. Each week the ten best reviews are chosen to be put on the front page. This mix of openness and criticalness makes worldwidereview unique.


You can review anything you like.. 
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Who decides what gets reviewed?  You do now. 

Every artist, movie, meal, holiday, exhibition, play, experience,
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See, do, eat something. 
Think about, enjoy, judge, criticise it
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contemporary, (http://www.contemporary-magazine.com) the world's most widely distributed art magazine, in its profile of Hannah Starkey quotes in full Rog's worldwidereview of the artist. (issue 67 special issue on photography)


http://www.netartreview.net said this

:: Tuesday, June 03, 2003 ::

Here is a great resource that is scheduled to become part of the fix this coming Saturday:

Worldwidereview.com. This website is completely dynamic. Anyone can contribute a review, just follow the instructions. The best part is that reviews are open to any art medium. Jasper Joffe, administrator and editor of the site, is encouraging international submissions; at the moment, most of the reviews focus on London. So dig in and write away.
:: Eduardo Navas [+] ::


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