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Rioting Genoa Italy  or Brixton England July 2001

From: Sheila Pinkerton
Category: Other stuff
Date: 24 July 2001



In the first scene an italian police shoots a protestor in the head and then a colleague runs the body over. Second scene a Brixton man holding a cigarette lighter is shot dead by a cop marksman.

2001 The leaders of the rich and powerful countries are holed up in a cage, the mob smashes up some shops and burns cars for the cameras. Brixton tube station is shut and angry violent people are arrested for damaging stuff.

1968 People riot about vietnam, capitalism, communism, freedom, racism. Major social change is said to have occurred, actual change as usual happens.

2001 Silly journalists portray demonstrators as clueless malcontents protesting against everything and nothing. They are bored and well fed so they burn cars and don't wash.

It must be fun to riot, strange how it is quite a rare pastime. As election turnouts reach new lows, some kids catch trains to Genoa to protest, it must be easy to make a 100,000 people angry enough to overcome their bourgeois veneration of property and their genetic desire to preserve it. The rich men who run countries condemn violence and say they are the ones who will help the poor and the environment. Their statements are broadcast repeatedly against masked anarchists breaking Mercedes.

In Bradford Asians riot smashing their passive stereotype, no one cares because house prices are lower up there. Now we will have to be careful of them too.

The glass will be replaced and may stimulate demand in the recession feary global economy. Poor people will become richer, so will rich people. Trees and ice will be used up. Meat and veg will become more organic. The police will become more violent. Important men will listen. The situationists are doing a comeback tour de force.

I bring you a new commandent which shall stand above all others: Love thy property as thyself.

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