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09/10/01 Britain's Brainiest Kid

From: The Silent Ghost
Category: TV
Date: 10 August 2001


What tosh! Twenty four kids, all very sweet but terribly middle-class competed for the title of "Britain's Braniest Kid". This was television at its most ghastly, but sadly made compelling viewing. Hosted by Carol Voderman (what was she wearing and was it appropriate to show cleavage on such a programme), it whittled down our hopefuls to Laura Hibbert, a young lady who wanted to become a barrister.

But, what amusements awaited us before then! The desparate faces of parents as their child was eliminated and they wondered if the expensive education was worth it, the pain on Katie Liew's face as she was knocked out, the amazing round by one of the boys competing on modern history.

One moment, however, must stand out, as glorious television history. Imagine the tension - our three finalists nervously waiting for the endgame and the accolade of Britain's Brainiest Kid. Carol, in a vain attempt to calm the competitors down, has a little chat with one young boy, asks him who he'd really like to meet in the past if he had a time machine.

Our young competitor answers, earnestly, "Richard III, so I could find out if he really murdered the princes in the tower." To which, our Carol with words to this effect replies, "Perhaps one day you will be able to get a time machine and travel back and find out what really happened."


This flapping bird up here is really getting on my nerves.

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