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Category: Reviews of worldwidereview
Date: 13 August 2001


8-9-01: So... I got this email today and it made me happy. See I signed up for alot of internet site stuff years ago and ocasionally get things mailed to me, the ocasional CD or something, most are e-mails a like this particular one. You see this guy named Ben wanted me to review his site and he in turn would plug my site. Seems like a pretty good deal. So I went to his page and was amused because I've found a site that is worse then mine.. I reccomend going there for awhile and trying to figure it out, but first read this: The site is very creative in premisis, it asks it's readers to post reviews, reviews of anything anywhere, in the whole big bloody world. The problem with this, of course, is focus. For example on the same page which appears to be the index page, you can read a review of Jurasic Park 3, Genoa Riots, British televison, Punk Rock, group called Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band to be more specific, and a couple of artshows in London. Why is this relevant to anyone, except for maybe a British art loving punk rocker. Beyond that most of the reviews are very short and so general that they aren't worth reading. For example The Jurasic Park 3 review talks about how real the dinosaurs looked and how boring the movie was and then critized the audiance for not getting excited about the movie, I can't see the logic. Anyway I've finally got the watching section up, which features my trip to see Rush Hour Two. I also come up with an idea for another new section NERD STUFF, the first Nerd Stuff will feature Nintendo Emulation. Oh I did a about us page too. I'm still trying to think of something for Small Town Fun, if nothing comes to mind soon I may scrap the section.

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