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AskBen answer - international mobile phone calls

From: AskBenTaylor
Category: Other stuff
Date: 14 August 2001


Does it cost a lot to phone a mobile in another country from a landline in Britain? Is it worth taking your mobile on holiday to call back?

No, generally speaking it costs about the same to call a landline or a mobile in another country - this is for certain in the states where mobiles, in their strange and archaic system, are assigned a landline number, so your call provider has no way of telling. Where it's different, unfortunately there's no way to know and service providers usually can't tell you. Tough l luck I guess. For the cheapest rates for calling abroad, to or from a landline or mobile, see this page: There's no really cheap way to call the UK from most other countries, although you can now get cards for a certain amount of credit with cheap calling services in many other countries. Mobiles are basically for emergency use only, since you get charged a significant rate to send or receive calls, voice messages, even text messages. The best thing is probably to take your mobile for emergences, get an international card from someone like (see the site above) for ordinary use, and for really cheap calls try to pick up a card locally. eg from the states you can get a card to call the uk for about 7 cents a minute. Look out for freecall access to the service ad varying rates including connection charges. A good rule is head to an immigrant area where they'll have lots of cards on sale, and chat to someone. This is admittedly a bit UK centric, if you have info relating to any other countries then let us know.

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