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AskBen answer - more bloody mobile phones - buying them

From: AskBenTaylor
Category: Other stuff
Date: 14 August 2001


Buying mobile phones confuses me, any advice mate? Cheers Brian

Aha! Well, I'd go for a nice orange deal unless you want to pay upfront for one2one for a year. The tempting deals you see around (11.99, 500 minutes free, 50 text messages, first 6 months free Ė by refund after 12 months Ė are all vodafone or cellnet, which is fine if you call landlines in the evening - the only way to use all those minutes - but no good if you call other mobiles, make calls in the day, or call abroad. For these you either need a really cheap rate and lots of real free minutes - pay £25 a month and go for it, or a cheapo deal and use the ersatz companies referred to in the chap calls answer. The risk is, one2one/orange get sick of being ripped off and block the companies or 0800 altogether - or these flybynight chancers bite the dust. Look, I can only give you the info, you've still got to choose. Those services donít work on pay as you go, by the way, or (sadly) on Virgin service. But they do work on the deals where you pay upfront for 12 months line rental. If you do want to go for the cellnet style deal you coulld do worse than genie where you get text messages free, otherwise just search on the web for cheap mobile phone deals (use google, itís the best). Your could try 0500 333 121 for the Sony MP3 player phone on a could deal (one2one) or try Raj (accessories direct) on 0800 915 9777 - they are about half the price of carphone warehouse and they come in a white van to your workplace! This may be only for one2one, but I donít know of many special deals on orange - you seemingly might as well go for their price matching at any store

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