Temptation Island  an American television program

From: Franny
Category: TV
Date: 19 August 2001


Pitch: Survivor/ Big Brother without the boring bits. 110 per cent reality flirtation. Quite watchable once you learn to distinguish the contestants from the second rate models hired to seduce them from their partners. The American ideal tv sexy men and the women are now identical: washboard stomachs, toned breasts pectorals of the same bulging size, white teeth, and pretty hair. The cult of sculpted aethleticism has created androgyny.

Quite funny to see them peering at little DVD screens to discover what their other halves have been up to. Watch them try to supress the jealous rage that is written all over their faces. I believe the show caused some moral outrage, but let me tell you these scenarios are played out Thursday and Friday and Saturday nights in London and all the other cities, and few get paid for it or even some time on television. The Temptation Islanders are the Happy Few.

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