Pink Orthodox, Play/Performance @ Riverside Studios Hammersmith, June 2001

From: gherkin
Category: Theatre
Date: 20 August 2001


This is a strange piece and frankly meaningless. There is repetition of some bits - man in rabbiniccal/orthodox gear picks up dummy from seat by audence, dances and lays it on stage. A gun is fired. An object is discarded. A convincing old jewish woman clears up any mess. The erformance starts with urination (inside trouser; unlikely to be genuine), and some rather predictable lies on the prostate. A good bit is when two video screens swap jokes. Then there is some performance in Yiddish. Eventually, the audience gets free shots of neat vodka while on stage, the curtain is drawn and by video-trickery of which that crappy so-called famous magician would be proud, it appears that the actor is setting fire to your coat. The best bit is some video trickery where the main protagonist is moving around a TV screen which displays his own naked body. The whole think is like a Student Edinburgh fringe production, but with a curiously high budget and a few good ideas. One day they will work for the BBC, the wacky revolutionaries.

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