Having a day out in Brighton, UK

From: Harry
Category: Other stuff
Date: 20 August 2001


It is nice to swim in the sea, and good ish and chips ore from the chipshop/kebab shop on the sea front nearest to the new pier (the road not the beachfront premises). The chips are crispy and little ubbles on their surfae reveal the fat as properly hot, the fish is cooked to order and melts in the mouth. There's also a great Tapas bar in the maze of touristy restaurants above the pier, although it was booked up all evening when we went. Going to Brighton gives you a good opportunity to speculate on whether your life would be happier in Brighton, where there are more hippies, and there is fresher air and the sea. Probably it would be. And you wouldn't have to spnd an hour and a half on the harshly lit slow last train back to London.

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