21s, 21 Picadilly Manchester

From: Piccadilly Palare
Category: Other stuff
Date: 20 August 2001


This is a club where they only let you in if you're either under 21, or in a large stag party (for the privilege of hosting which, a discount is afforded). They have banks of TV screens around the large main dancefloor, which flash messages like 'Ladies bar - all drinks 1' and 'ladies - keep youur handbags close to you'. The effect is reminiscent of the disco on a cross-channel ferry. Bouncers ensure thoroughly that there are no bottles on the dancefloor. On the occasion of our visit, a rather overweight man was touted as disco-dancing world champion and span round on stage several times prir to removing his shirt. Musical styles change hectically over the course o an evenings entertainment. After a rendition of the delightful 'blw my whistle bitch', lightsticks are thrown into the audience (aways an appreciated touch) for a renidition of 'Darude' and Energy 52. Drinks are competitively priced at 3 a bottle, entry a meagre 5. The night concludes at approximately 2am.

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