Together (Tilsamm)

From: Ben
Category: Films
Date: 20 August 2001


All reviews of this film give it exuberant praise, mention the fanny/dick out scene and abba. Well, there's only one abba song (played twice), the scene in which a female member of the commune is publicising her privates in order to air a yeast infection would be funnier if the punchline was slightly unexpected, and the film is pretty good. It is a film that wants to be inspirational - well I'm easily inspired but it didn't do the trick fully. The acting is ‘sensitive’ - not overdone and realistic thought the story is simplistic at time. But the message is still a good message - basically that those old hippies were right, but don't force it, or you'll end up worse off than the squares… oh, and don't forget to let out your anger too.

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