Pilot of The Waiting Game - Paul Merton's new quiz show 14/08/01

From: Complaining Ben
Category: TV
Date: 22 August 2001


Dear Hat-trick Productions I write to complain strongly about being in the audience during the recording of this pilot. I attended with three friends. Following a 40-minute wait we were finally let into the studio, 20 minutes late. We were then subjected to 3 hours of unprofessionalism, boredom, and frankly, false imprisonment. This was without any break, chance to stretch our legs, a glass of water or refreshments of any kind. It was like being on an easyjet flight for 3 hours, without the entertainment. And that joke was better than any in the show. I recognise that we might have been misled by Paul Merton’s involvement into thinking that there would be an element of humour, and by Hattrick’s into thinking that this would be a professional production. But to treat members of the public (who, in the circumstances, showed great forbearance and enthusiasm in supporting this frankly doomed venture) in this way is absolutely disgraceful. I can only hope for your sake that something can be put together from the cutting room floor, because I think a sub-Weakest Link gameshow will severely harm Paul Merton’s image. Apart from being physically blocked from leaving by security guards while being lied to by the floor manager that there’d be “20 seconds more”, then physically blocked again 15 minutes letter while being told “30 seconds more”, the most unforgivable thing was that we were finally released at 10pm without a word of thanks.

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