Re: AskBen answer - Criticism and Change

From: Russ says...
Category: Other stuff
Date: 22 August 2001


What I think you really dislike is people being judgmental and not critical.

Being critical is a very important kind of thinking. It combines our powers of perception, discernment and understanding. These qualities in themselves do not necessary lead us to catalogue all the imperfections around us.

When we are critical we may simply be appreciating something - saying what it is and what is not. When we are judgmental, we are assessing the goodness or badness of something. Being judgmental is only one for criticism.

Being critical does lead to innovation but this is often not its purpose. So I just think you are wrong in saying that being critical means that you desire things to be better.

And yes, the world will change without you. But why is this a reason for not using your critical faculties on the world around you?

I think the really interesting question you pose is whether it really matters that you have the opinions you have? Couldn't you just have someone else's?

You could have mine if you wanted....think about it.

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