Re: Rza - Subterrania, Westbourne Park, 19/08/2001

From: Shorty Sh*t-stains
Category: Other stuff
Date: 22 August 2001


I liked the way he came on stage dressed as a tramp and swigging from a bottle of red wine. That's Bobby Digi, presumably. I'm sure he was occasionally singing "My Rock goes pop, pop, pop" and finished with "My crack goes pop, pop, pop"... or was that my fevered imagination. I was a bit disappointed that no other members of the 'clan' were in attendance, but since he said they hadn't split up, and the only way out of the Wu-tang clan was death, maybe there was a sinister explanation? Anyway, without other vocal talent he does lose something. He does the Ol' Dirty Bastard bits well, and the snivelling bits where he's almost crying, but just him rapping and then cursorily cutting off the DJ after about 3 minutes did get a little monotonous. When's the film out? Always amusing to be one of the token middle-class whites in the crowd. RZA 'how many true niggaz in the house?' 90% of crowd: 'raaaaaaaaaaaaa'. 10% of crowd: look down at their feet and shuffle awkwardly.

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