Planet of the Apes remake by Tim Burton showing everywhere

From: Marker
Category: Films
Date: 23 August 2001


Not sure The Monkees would have approved. Reminded me a little of Jurassic Park 3, while your neurocortex is overstimulated you slump back in a big Warner Village cinema seat and think of England. The idea was not all that clever to begin with, it doesn't bear in-depth analysis, but has coarsened considerably to keep up with the audience. The credits are very stylish, and the apes and landscapes they tear through quite pretty too, Wahlberg was better in New Kids, flat and boring but an acceptable contemporary hero, Warren is just a bee stung mouth with few lines, and her love rivalry with Bonham Carter never gets any plot, ending with him kissing them both goodbye before he flies back to Planet Ape. Tres mediocre, bien sur, e normale.

It seemed to have some effect though, when I left the cinema I tried to walk down the up escalator, perhaps still boggled by the mind blowing/numbing final twist, more likely preoccupied by what I wanted for supper.

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