Article 497

Category: Exhibitions
Date: 23 August 2001



Since the beginning of November 2000 there has been a new space on the Internet, entirely dedicated to the culture and study of the photographic image. Virtual Gallery is the result of an innovative collaboration between public and private, a real joining of strengths involving an institute of culture (that is the Galleria Civica of Modena), one of the main reference points in the country for contemporary photography, and a professional photographic studio specialised in advertising and graphics (that is, ModoFotografia based in Spezzano, Modena), a company which offers a range of services and products linked to the photographic and digital image in different professional sectors such as furnishings, mechanics, floorings, ceramics and architecture. Both partners started off with the idea of creating an area in which to meet and exchange ideas online which was entirely non-profit unlike most artistic sites on the net, which are aimed at the sale of works of art.

Virtual Gallery is in fact made up of different areas: several may be considered services, while others are more workshops.

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