White chocolate chip cookie, Tescos England August 2001

From: Ben
Category: Other stuff
Date: 26 August 2001


Another refreshing experience, in the sense of being a genuine experience of something familiar as if for the first tense - a sensory renovation of a concept. First we must consider white chocolate. We generallly experience this as an over-sweet crispy layer on some sickly Italian desert, eaten without any thought except a viceral eaction to tge glutinous headachey mass we swallow but do not find satisfying. Even in the 'fine chocolate' collection, the white chocolate selection is simply the seetest and pastiest of the bunch, perhaps betraying a touch of natural cream, the essential and ineesential oils of cocoa that are the defiing ingredients of white chocolate, but buried in cream and refined sugar anyway. But there is smething truly special about white chocolate, its dry oiliness and crumbly pasticity. Take large generous chunks of it and mix into a flexible but crumbly crunchy butter biscuit, and sell it for 23p in a big supermarket.Then you have something you can even munch at the checkout and still experience an antiepiphanous moment of real taste. There they were among the arrays of quadruple-choc chip, hazlenut and maple syrup and raisin selectio (why does the baking trade still imagine we are, like good self-denying post-war housewives, excited by raisins?).I picked one up with the tongs and put it in my basket, absent-mindedly neglecting to bag it first. That's why I waved it at the checkout clerk in middle-classed embarrasment and honesty, and stuff it in my mouth while signing my credit card check. Days later, I am still volubly congratulating myself. Good choice.

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