Lazy Dog Summer Party at The End, London UK 24/08/2001

From: Lazy Ben
Category: Other stuff
Date: 26 August 2001


Lazy Dog is always the same - cool and very very sweaty, deep house intelligentsia music relying on rushes of breakdowns and surges to whoop up the crowd, slightly too slow but nor yet funky enough to toroughly dance to, self-conscious and cautiously multi-ethnic. The distilled essence of West London, up for a good time. A contradiction folding in on itself. The End is a basic club run well but with an iro hand, pricey and dark and hot. Tonight it is too crwded, too noisy, too hot, the second room has cleaner crisper harder beats than the pulsating muffled main dancefloor but we are cryig out for a genuine chill-out room. Its constant, no escape the beates and breaks when you want some relief but that's dance clubs for you. Lazy Dog is at home n basements but in their usual Notting Hill Arts club home there are big fans and dodgy brazilian bottled lager, which is better.

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