‘Opening Night’ at www.swaybar.co.uk, under New Connaught Rooms London UK 24/08/2001

From: Freeloader Ben
Category: Other stuff
Date: 26 August 2001


First rule for promoting a slightly swanky club downstairs in the Masonic part of town in the same locaion where a b-list celebrity-focused members-only club has just failed: Don't promote through a free internet competition - people who enter internet competitions are unlikely to be your target audience. With the exception of me, naturally. A winning smile is necessary to bag the free drinks cards (although you'd be a bit pissed off if you won a competition to the opening night of a bar which turned out not to be the opening night, and you didn't get any free drinks). But the bar staff are doing impressive things with cocktail shakers, and the g&ts are generous at the start of the evening - curiously they seem to be less so at the end. Anyway, cut the crap, this is a place with good staff, good service, nice dark spacious decor and a truly appalling music policy which, combined with cocktails at £6.50 and the aforementioned badly targetted target audience, means the place is nearly empty by 10pm. Shame. Too classy for office parties, too cheap for swanking, too pricey for a late night dive...

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