Re: Askben question - internet access

From: AskBenTaylor
Category: Other stuff
Date: 26 August 2001


The one I recommend, and use, comes from Tiscali, the big company gobbling up ISPs in the UK at the moment. They have recently taken over lineone, and worldonline was an early victim (forcing me to take my phone line, grudgingly, back to BT). Go to - you will notice that it appears they only offer three deals. However, if you access Tiscali 50 from the very small menu on the left, you'll see that you can also get 50 hours of internet access peak or off-peak per month for just 5.99 - and any extra time is just 1p a minute at any time. There are better deals for very very heavy or purely off-peak users, but this is the best combination of cheapness and flexibility I've found - for 5.99 a month, I can go online any time and as much as I want - I haven't been able to use up the 50 hours yet.

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