Askben question - the future

From: Confused, mid (to late) 20s
Category: Other stuff
Date: 26 August 2001


Ben I feel as though I am going through an extended crisis, which has been blighting me since I went to university/qualified/moved to the big city/got my first job. You see, I have never had a vocation/thought I had a vocation but realise I was misled/ always worked hard but can't see the point any more. My long-term relationship has broken up/is stagnating/was entirely unrequited and from a distance, and I feel I'll never meet someone special again/never get over it/always be bitter. I do nothing but go out all the time and get drunk/go out all the time and take drugs/stay in all the time and watch casualty, and I feel there must be more to life than this? Why can't I find a vocation? Why can't I find a relationship that inspires rather than expires? Why are all my friends miserable? Why am I broke all the time? I hope you can help. Yours delete as applicable

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