Heartbreak High an Australian tv series

From: Rudi Scholl
Category: TV
Date: 29 August 2001


I remember when I first watched this, how shockingly realistic it was, everyone talks at once, there is always noise and disorder, kids ridicule teachers to their faces, just like real school. That was years ago when I was still at school, and my eye was less objective, I liked it then though, Australian high-school kids, sexy and fun, so much better than Grunge Hill.

Now I watch the late period episodes in the morning: I and they are older, some have been in school for too long,how many times can you fail your haitch ess cee, and the plots are sillier, maybe I shouldn't still be watching with my old head, but the actors still charm and the writing is ten times better than The Secret Life of Us, and it stands up well to the pompous Dawson's Creek. So catch it before the repeats leave us for ever, they are the best school days of our tv lives.

translated from the German by Francis Scholl

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