Israel Defence policy

From: Ben S.
Category: Other stuff
Date: 29 August 2001


The news reports repeat the justidication without comment: We must take premptive action against those that plan suicide bombings and other attacks on Israelis. Or let's assassinate Palestinian leaders. So defence becomes indictment, judging, and executing people with surgical precision and moral nihilism. The so called conflict, a term for the mealy-mouthed, is a war fought without rules, though of course rules in war are a bad joke and usually just more propaganda. The Palestinians will blow up toddlers using bombs in watermelons, and the Israelis will execute and bulldoze and degrade them in return. Both peoples with their bad histories lose their righteousness, which is actually not a quality you inherit though you might expect others to bear it in mind when they call for your annihilation, and will tear into each other 'til they all become rich enough to preserve, or some ugly partition is made, or until America falls. A long time to go.

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