Article 522

From: Balbir B
Category: Exhibitions
Date: 29 August 2001


Hi there,

Well the concept of WWR is great, however,as a busy and discerning bod., I want things presented very clearly before me, I want clear beginnings and endings to the presentation of the reveiws, currently even the central partition line is not constant, but wonders across the page. I want to be able to go to my area of interest immediately, as I won't wade through a ramdom selection of reviews with the hap hazard chance that there might be something that tickles my fancy. I know they are at the bottom of the page, but how many people will actually scroll that far down? Come on Jasper and Ben, present the world to the world in the simplest possible way, don't make people struggle for it, because they won't.....they'll just stop looking

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