Charlie's Angels, in-flight movie

From: reviewing angel
Category: Films
Date: 05 September 2001


This is an absolutely mad film. Insane and stupid. Its like the kind of action film 7 year olds might come up with, and so its stupidity is endearing, but why couldn't they think of a plot that made some kind of sense? Surely it could have fitted in to the set pieces by which each of the angels is established as kooky angel, cool angel, posh angel - this is the film the spice girls wish they had made, and is strangely reminiscent of Spiceworld only without the songs. It is made even more surreal by the fact that, in the middle of a choreographed through-the door karate fight on a Fort Boyard-style island fortress (that Jackie Chan might chuckle at), as the action is constantly interrupted by kooky Angel's even kookier boyfriend on her mobile phone, she says 'can you hold for a minute?' and the final few minutes of the film are cut off as the plane gets into a landing pattern.

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