Meet the Parents - compromise video choice between cliched girl and boy

From: Remarker
Category: Films
Date: 05 September 2001


This film is actually funny, unlike There's Something About Mary, the funniest and strangest feature of which was its heavy featurin of Jonathan Richman. (Although the dog scene rased a smile). Ben Stiller is genuinely engaging as everyman dork with the overanxious girlfriend and psychotic father-in-law. Strangely, you feel that this film has to try to be dumber than it really wants to be. The plot is absurd and the characters motivations aren't really worried about, but the worrying thing is that people genuinely do pick up from this sort of thing how they should behave. Sometimes I wonder if we are all sociopaths, watching carefully, desperate to embrace any cliche or repetitive trope in place of an ability to know and therefore show our own feelings. Or perhaps this really is how everyone feels, and its just me. But DeNiro - why? It makes you think that he was never that good in the first place.

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