Republic, New York

From: Chairman Mo
Category: Other stuff
Date: 05 September 2001


On the university/theatre square downtown, this is one of those 'designed' restaurants -sweeping heavy large wood bar, trestle tables, levels and lighting. But how strange and amusing to find reolutionary chic in the heart of Gotham! Its got so people don't realise any of the implications of the Maoist red star, that there's a deeply antagonistic philosophy behind the cool simplicity (but of course there isn't, just some designer's good idea). The food is stripped down and simple too but filling in tasty - deep bowls of noodles, pieces of chicken with sesame on wild rice. The atmosphere is always good but a bit loud due to the open architecture very loud, and bicycle deliverers come and go with flashing LEDs attached to their cycle helmets - why is that everything that's considered embarassing and worthy of self-consciousness in Britain arouses no shame at all anywhere in the rest of the world?

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