Wallpaper 5th Birthday party and launch of Spruce (5th Sept)

From: so blagged it
Category: Other stuff
Date: 10 September 2001


In an unfinished venue north of the river 'the' magazine Wallpaper celebrated its 5th birthday and shouted loudly about the launch of its new fashion mag 'Spruce'. There was a strict guest list and the usual array of those dressed to look famous and those who thought it was un-cool to look like theyd made an effort. Guests included Stella McArtney and a less impressive - Josh from Big Brother (who's obviously on the guest list and who opitomises the Wallpaper reader). Entertainment provided by some bird from some American tv show that you couldnt quite put your finger on...probably Roseanne.. and an endless supply of champagne.Great food, but difnt want to be seen eating. esp whilst standing next to a bunch of rather un-attractive models (they always look minging up close). saving grace has to go to the chocolate orange truffles at the end of the night.sneaked a few. Queues as long as your arm of pairs waiting the use the cubicles and not for sex and a VIP room named after someone who wasnt even there. Depsite my cinicism,....bludi fantastic party......

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