American Terror 11.9.01

From: GB
Category: Exhibitions
Date: 16 September 2001


Hard to know what to say. Easy to overdose on rhetoric and spectacular images, and become anti-American in a conventional British left wing way. The hyperbole of tv and politicans and pundits equals the horror. What does it mean and why did it happen? Not the world has changed, but what will be the change in American self-perception if any, and what will they do in response, and what will result from their actions? Why did these people murder these people?

America's power has been confirmed not challenged. Replay the tragedy in Europe, say France, and try to imagine if America would be playing La Marseillaise in its Cathedrals and standing silent on a Friday morning. For shoulder to shoulder read nose to ass(arse). America is a two party state with the nations of Europe as its satellites and economic colonies. Religiosity mixed with Patriotism and Xenophobia and a little bit of Racism ( what is the value of an American life versus a European versus an African versus an Arab?) is ugly.

Irrelevant though, we knew this and now is the most difficult time to get anyone to listen to such outdated socialist arguments. The tragedy will gain new meanings through the big ot little wars it spawns. 5000 people dead through the deliberate political acts of 20: we cannot interpret or live with these facts. Their deaths must have changed the world. Such overblown and repeated phrases can lead anywhere. The brave cowards who become terrorists cannot change the real balance of power in the world but perhaps they can provoke a shake-up where vengeance will create more Afghanistans and Cambodias, when all the terrorists are dead there will be no more dangers and no more world. Why did these people murder these people? To stop American imperialism, to kill infidels, to create wars, to destroy Israel, to punish America, to die holy, to be spectacular? When will they say?

About 5000 people died. Sadly there is no meaning.

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