A selection from the London Art Scene now (September 2001)

From: Francis Scholl
Category: Exhibitions
Date: 21 September 2001


A selection from the London Art Scene now (September 2001)

Luc Tuymans at White Cube 2 Hoxton Square until 13 October

Tuymans has followed me from Venice to Hoxton. Acclaimed everywhere as a very good contemporary painter, the world marvels at his understated images. They are tasteful and twee. His subtlety is mere awkwardness, his surfaces reflections of overhyped talent repeating itself. All boring people love pictures they can recognize as having subject matter as long as it isnít too clear what it is. Go to the Mayor gallery, Cork Street, there is a Magritte watercolour selling for $250,000 dollars. Will Tuymans reach such heady figures for his sketches, possibly and Watteau will be crying softly in heaven.

Jan Bock at Sadie Coles Heddon Street

Silly serious ironic clothes. Bocking Booring.

Jim Shaw at Emily Tsingou Charles the Second street

Dumbo adolescent themes dun in teenage style. Mad Magazine, breasts, funny creatures. They will never reach $50,000 dollars. I fear they may be a bad investment.

Tom Chamberlain at Percy Miller Gallery nr London Bridge

Tomís surfaces entice you because they mess with your eyes. To infinity and beyond!

Ian Kiaer at Asprey Jacques Clifford Street until October 20

Various things aiming for self-controlled beauty.

Group show at Stephen Friedman near Cork Street

The usual suspects rounded up for not unpleasant exhib. Figurative painting makes me feel sick sometimes. It seems so crude and obvious. Abstract is better because you canít see what it isnít.

Burger King Two for One Offer

Two pounds for two biggish burgers! For those squeamish about spongiform, the chicken flamers seem to be out of service wherever I go. They are prepared to give you a tasty chick. alternative though.

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