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From: Bin Girl
Category: TV
Date: 22 September 2001


Two hours of celebrities and singers to raise money for the victims of the terrorist attacks on America. It was quite watchable, Hanks, Diaz, Cruise et al trying really hard not to fluff their live lines. Stirring ballads by famous performers I found hard to identify. The aesthetics basic but precise, dark unflashy unbranded clothes, lots of candles, U2 performing in black and white from London for some reason.

Now you are either with them or against them. Either scathingly and heartlessly anti-Yankee, or sentimentally shockedly in solidarity. Actually a few are annoyingly pretend-rational: it's bad but aren't they getting a bit carried away in their American way.

Any rhetoric, image, tv show, argument, politic, will suffice to help quiet the doubts. I don't know what the deaths of 6000 people mean. I fear the effects are only are choices, and what we do is because we don't know, or choose not to.

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