Seinfeld Final Series, BBC2

From: PR
Category: TV
Date: 24 September 2001


The erratic scheduling makes this brilliant programme difficult to catch. But having the programme on at after midnight is as much a good idea as a bad one. Most nights, most people are home by midnight and so can catch up on the lives of Jerry, Elaine, the Costanza's and Kramer. Having it on on a Weekday evening at Prime time means that tens of thousand late workers, night-school students, bell-hops, train drivers, art-scene laggers prositutes and pimps would all miss the show.

There is also the advantage that putting Seinfeld on at midnight is a blessed relief when the alternatives on the other channels are so stultifying as to act like a cp of cocoa.

Perhaps you disagree? If so, as yourself this question. When would Kramer, Jery and co watch their favorite tv show? My bet is late at night on the sofa with some take-out.

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