Raymond Pettibon and Toba Khedoori:LA Stories Whitechapel Gallery London until Oct. 21

From: Rudi Scholl
Category: Exhibitions
Date: 30 September 2001


Downstairs is beige, windows and perspective lines on giant sheets of waxy paper. Suppose it makes a nice contrast to the mess upstairs. Khedoori seems pointless and minor, a successful artist presumably, but one without anything to offer but bad good taste.

Pettibon gives you a lot to read and the occasional funny line and a crudened, but fluid, comic book style, which is ok, beacause the ink marks are nice and the colours sometimes sensitive. Too easy really, once you have appreciated the slight aesthetic pleasures, and read though the mannered handwriting, you will be foolishly greatful that it is not exceptionally dull, and walk away unangered by its shallowness. The big wall where he has done some grafitti shows up how thin his material is, and he cannot even bring himself to make much of a mess. Popular perhaps because it has democratic content Pettibon's art indicates our failure to produce a meritocratic world.

Originally published in P'arte Celere in Italian

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