Tony Blair's Labour Conference Speech 2001

From: AB
Category: Other stuff
Date: 02 October 2001


The first third was surprisingly full of ideas and complete sentences. He indicated we must save Africa and the Environment, don't know about South America and Eastern Europe probably not part of our sphere of influence. Also we should join the Euro to combat terrorism and shock the money markets.

Latterly, with many missing verbs, he had to focus on Britain which was rather boring because noone really knows how to make schools and hospitals much better. Finally he said America was pretty good and we didn't have a black foreign secretary so who are we to talk, though Straw's partly Jewish so we're not that bad.

His hair looked full and he didn't smile hardly at all, and his messianic quality is more appealing than his overuse of the word community and responsibility which make me feel like burning a few cars and writing on walls.

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