Half a Life  a book by V.S Naipaul

From: Ann S.
Category: Books
Date: 04 October 2001


The new novel by the reactionary great writer is quite good. Half way through it seems to end in a most disconcerting and nice manner. His repetition of weirdly important words works well too. But the usual themes dominate: Africa going back to the bush post-colonially, and sex with prostitutes. But that's fine too they're still interesting subjects slightly ruined by too much biographical knowledge gleaned from P.Theroux's illuminating memoir. Relationships and friendships false or unemotional or unclear are what he is best at, best ever perhaps, and the only voice around that is true. Read The Enigma of Arrival. Read Sir Vidia's shadow. Develop your own misanthropy, misogyny, and racism.

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