Re: The Terrorthon all channels

From: alf garibaldi
Category: TV
Date: 04 October 2001


i saw this programme......I'm sure it was trying to be as sincere and as sensitive as poss to those who lost lives- but as far as i'm concerned it was sentimental and BAAADLY art directed, I mean, surround the place with candles, dim the lights..going for the christian right are we? very churchlike... then bring on some fuckin emptyheaded celebs that couldnt even act a heartfelt emotion or come up with a decent line even when read off an autocue (badly..stuttering fucks). praise allah that Mohammed Ali and Mr Stevie Wonder were there to give this thing a bit of weight...if any of those other twats were there to promote their dross I hope they feel ashamed. Are these celebrities really the people we all look up in a moment of crisis?.........well at least they're not politicians! Great to see Pacino, de niro, jack nicholson maning the phones though....they were having a great time!

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