Re: Lolita a book by Vlad Nabokov ( also Kubrick's and Lyne's films)

From: paeodo pete
Category: Books
Date: 04 October 2001


This book is an absolute classic, which I came to read being a m.Amis/Kubrick fan...but what struck me most, rather than the subject matter, was the language (even after translation)...lush!...The kubrick film version is of course completely different ..i.e ITS A FILM...its a comletely different medium, and kubrick has very different sensibilities to nabokov..and lolita is a quality film for the mid 60's ..there isn't anything comparable in mainstream studio films at the time, and james masons performance is so empathetic. As for Kubrick being an overrated auteur- that to me is a ridiculous much of an influence/comment have 2001 and Dr. strangelove alone had on the world at the moment of their release?...

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