Category: TV
Date: 06 October 2001


> Dear Mr P > > Thank you for your e-mail. I apologise for the delay in replying. We realise that our correspondents appreciate a quick response, and it is a matter of regret to us that you have had to wait so long on this occasion. > > I am sorry you are dissatisfied with the scheduling of 'Seinfeld' on BBC TWO. > > 'Seinfeld' has attracted a committed following in recent years when it was shown after 'Newsnight'. Previously, one episode was scheduled per week but sporting commitments often disrupted the series run. Sometimes this meant leaving gaps of up to a fortnight between shows . For the last series, and this one, we wanted to give fans a chance to see the whole series uninterrupted and at a fixed point in the schedule - which is why we have placed it in a nightly slot. > > We do always listen to the feedback we receive from our viewers and listeners. As such, I can assure you that all of your comments have been recorded and passed on to our Programme Schedulers for consideration. > > Thank you for taking the time and trouble to contact the BBC about this matter. > > Regards > > Bernadette Donaghy > BBC Information

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