Mike Nelson at ICA London

From: Sam S.
Category: Exhibitions
Date: 15 October 2001


I really liked this show because as you wandered through you weren't sure what was art and what not, which doors led somewhere and which nowhere, and if the tourists were part of the show. I, going to the back section, entered the ICA's workshops by mistake. They were filled with old arcade machines, scrawled notices, and all sorts of other scuffed scrap, like a Mike Nelson maxi.

You see, this show makes you bold to tread where you should not, more like this would make us all push silently out of the fire exits of the world and stroll into the offices of the powerful as we felt like. The red room is silent and strange, he gallerist's office with the small door right, there's nothing wrong with this sensational show, breaking the boundaries of fiction and bossy reality is good, the children's play of blankets and cellars for nihilists. It's not the best art ever by any means, but it's something.

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