Frank Auerbach and Rembrandt's Women at The Royal Academy London

From: JK
Category: Exhibitions
Date: 15 October 2001


Kaptain Krusty and his shit paintings! Next to boring old fat Rembrandt. Makes you want to hang yourself! When you walk in you're surprised by the really thick ones, but as you see more and more, you settle back into loathing FA, people don't sit for him, they sit "to" the prententious stirrer of pig-mint, so many Primrose Hills none of which look anything like it. All his drawings, and 300 sittings, and diagonals, and seriousness, for what? To make us sad and bored and hate painting. This is why BritART was so bad before YBA. The only good Rembrandts are the sexy ones, which are only slightly ruined by the sexist labels explaining them.

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