Games Blue,22 rue Monge, Paris 5eme.  Toys and sculptures

From: Remi Guillochon
Category: Exhibitions
Date: 16 October 2001


As you approach this establishment, your eyes will be greeted by fake foliage and your hears graced by the sounds of bird banter. Quite an ambiance. Inside the windwo presentation are a startling array of chessboard pieces covering all sorts of uniforms and personages. They have been made with close detail and finesse. The Disney characters are a favourite with children. They also provide a fitting introduction to the charms and techniques of this ancient game. A perfect tool for success in the world. Take note of the wonky metallic frames that also double up as patience games as you pass a loop along their contours without actually touching the metal. Remember the joys of the fairground? Bring them to your home. Amongst many other deftly crafted objets d'art you will notice the Awales, a strategy game originating from Mali. It is played using a wooden crocodile. View lots and lots of jolly things!

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