Re: Madison Square Gardens, Wednesday 10th June 2001

From: tree
Category: Reviews of worldwidereview
Date: 19 October 2001


I'd only like to point out that if the author had simply walked a few blocks north, a vast array of men's rooms would have offered themselves to him: from a line of terrifying port-a-potties along Broadway to the glorious (and extremely accessible) restrooms of the official World Wrestling Federation Restaurant in Times Square. If he had walked south, he might have had a chance to experience the city's Second Ever Pay Toilet in Herald Square. I hardly even need to metion that to the west lay Penn Station, and not far from that Port Authority Bus Terminal, both institution famous (or infamous) for their facilities. In fact, that particular area of New York City has a wealth of restrooms available for tourists such as he. There was absolutely no need to take a cab all the way to Brooklyn just to find a toilet. However, I would like to compliment the reviewer on his use of the term "pettifoggery," which is sadly under-used in modern writing.

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