Basement Jaxx, Rooty Tour, Brizton Academy

From: Ben
Category: Exhibitions
Date: 25 October 2001


Brixton Academy is great, it has false medieval castle balcones above the stage and a strangely sloping floor, it is big and the floor is wet with beer. Basement Jaxx are trying to recreate a carnival atmosphere - not a bad effort considering they only have projectors, lighting and a few dancers to achieve it. They play a the classics and the new and dissapointing single and album, along with the headbanging, or perhaps just baging, 'Bongoloid', B-side to the twelve inch and this year's 'jump and shout' although I am assured that this is now totally out - been done. Felix plays the flamenco style guitar bits on Rendezvu and whips the audience up very successfully. Then, ater oonly an hour and a half, they leave the audience with only DJs and booze.

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