Autumn in London

From: Ben
Category: Other stuff
Date: 25 October 2001


Someone told me recently that Britain, as in island, has the ight of islands even far from the sea. In autumn this is cleary true, and on a bright morning the clouds hover, it from all arounds. It is a time to be alive to leave hibernation and the dauntig efforts of summer. The smels are stronger earthy and rich, your sight is sharper and colours are brighter, the sounds of birds and traffic pierce the colder air acutely. The rain comes down and London is never better. You know that one day soon you'll be wrapped up warm on the top deck of a doubledecker bus as it turns onto Kensington High Street, and the road wi e wet, there'll be a whiff of snow in the air, a fug inside, and the black tarmac and shop lights will sparkle. ** finish?

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