THE SIMPSONS bbc 2 fri 6pm 3 rd nov

From: alf garibaldi
Category: TV
Date: 05 November 2001


HAAAAAAAAA haaaaa...I haven't see this one (the one where sideshow Bob escapes from prison and tries to abolish TV with a retro 50's atom bomb hijack)..ha haaaaaaaaaaa....BRILLLLIANNNNT....really really funny........loads of funny references.....thank god I wasn't at an opening or the theatre or a film or reading a book in an overpriced restrunt...I would've missed it! Haaaaaaa....haaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!....Sideshow Bob is the bestest Simpsons' character, and if you don't agree I'll tear you up like a kleenex at a snot party!!

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