Re: worldwidereview

From: alf garibaldi
Category: Reviews of worldwidereview
Date: 05 November 2001


hmm..why is it that when I click on "the best reviews" link, i just get all the latest reviews...are they the best??..and who says they are the best? ...also this site is a bugger to navigate ...I do like all the opinionation though......also where are the pictures? the whiz bang flash grafix? the sound? the mpeg reviews?? do you think people are going to come here to view dull opinions, by nobody much, in boring black and white!?....I'd rather check out or or loads of other websites for blatant opinions (with humour and verve, updated DAILY)..hope that doesnt sound negative cos worldwidereview has a lot going for it....especially the restaurant reviews ...change the name to makes more sense.

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