The Color of Money

From: Jane B.
Category: Films
Date: 10 November 2001


Amaing how gauche grinning Cruise was and still cannot not be. Mary Elizabeth Mastraaantonoio playing feisty bighair sexpot in slim knickers must have hoped her career would go better, Her and Cruise's unequal progress indicates Hollywood's and the West's ingrained sexism. Scorcese's eighties messsage of Newman's renaissance is too feeble, without the panache of Wall Street, there must be nostalgia for every unpleasant phase we have been through I suppose.

Pool is a boring extension of Physics, with the same sex appeal ( apologies atom bomb) and fluking it has made it to the movies. Cruise we have now unaged like all the successful. Failure gives you character parts and wrinkles.

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