Re: Contemporary Japanese Artists, 9th Nov. 2001

From: Mr. Q
Category: Exhibitions
Date: 12 November 2001


To explain "good Japanese art", we must know what is art in the first place, don't we? But we all know it is difficult and almost impossible to define. So I cannot help mentioning what I think and believe, even if there are various opinions and arguments. Good art is something that gives some sort of sensation to us. And it might be able to solve human problems which are not be solved by economics and politics. Then, if it comes to Japanese art, I would say the work must be created by the Japanese, and it doesn't have to use Japanese techniques or medium. Japanese art, Chinese art, British art... these are the terms we usually use, but I believe good art is good art, it doesn't matter the nationality.

Then finally, if I am to define the good Japanese Contemporary art, I would say it must be the works of Shinro Ohtake. He is real, and his works are also real.

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