The Golden Notebook by Doris Lessing  1962

From: Back cover (Penguin 1966)
Category: Books
Date: 14 November 2001


With honesty and intensity Doris Lessing scrutinizes the plight of the emancipated woman of today.

Anna is a writer who is forced to inquire why she can no longer write. In her attitudes to marriage, love, and children, and to religion, politics, and money, she discovers only dilemma: possessive of her independence- and of her daughter- she cannot escape the need to be wanted. This is a story of loneliness bordering on despair and mania, of political disillusionment, of sterile affairs, and stultifying marriages...but it is also an expression of powerful defiance, for which psychoanalysis has provided no easy answer.

" Unique in its truthfulness and is the sort of book that determines the way people think about themselves" NEW STATESMAN

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