From: ai
Category: Exhibitions
Date: 14 November 2001


It's very good to eat lunch at your desk, it's cheap, adds to the boredom and doesn't allow you to escape the cretins you have to work with. Obviously it is fun to serve a bland meal to yourself as you hurtle through the day in a blue shirt.

The menu is a bit confused, no meat and very few ingredients, but I began with a bag of ready salted Hulahoops, quite nourishing after my chilly breakfast: alpen and coffee, very unspecial, probably full of preservatives. Cooled it with some ok Oasis Blackcurrant, as the unpleasant and freshly coiffeured Candler and snooty Andrew tried not to gawp at my scruffy collarbone. When will they learn that glasses and wearing jackets at one's desk are out?

Next a Sainsbury's roll, a passable giant bap lined with Sainsbury's Olive spread, filled with tantalising Quorn chicken-flavoured roll and unusually tasty sweetcorn relish. Dessert or cheese the eternal dilemna solved by lack of cheese. Kit Kat, wrapped in foil, was pretty ordinary and disagreed with the neighbours. Banana a little cold for a Wednesday but nice with the cufflinks (an aphrodisiac?), no tea and a last sip of blackcurrant flavour beverage.

Nearly back to work now. Overhear the others ambiguously calling out about what they are doing at Christmas, which is totally unreasonable. Well, work hopefully and always eat lunch at your desk for forty pence.

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